Friday, June 8, 2007

North vs. South

Happy gorgeous Friday everyone. It is beautiful here in the Boston area. Weekend plans are exciting in our house. We have two road trips. Madigan left yesterday with some of her preschool crowd to go to Story Land in New Hampshire. She has been counting down the days for at least a month and she was ecstatic. So ecstatic she left her "Gankie" (blankie) on the floor of my office. I had a panic attack about what to do, I found it about twenty minutes after they drove off. I called three of the other moms who were headed up North. I got all answering machines, so I raced off the work with Gankie in tow. Seri called me and said she'd be happy to take it for me. I had a conference call at noon so I told her I'd be able to leave shortly thereafter. Instead, I got a call from her saying she was in front of my building! She drove into Boston with her two girls just to retrieve Gankie! She is an absolute doll!

Today, I am leaving for Brewster, Mass on picturesque Cape Cod for my last meeting of Book Club. I think it is pretty cool to have overnite field trips for Book Club! I have no idea what book we were supposed to read, I decided that since it was an overnite, more amounts of alcohol will be involved therefore, no need to read the book this time. The forecast is looking supportive of a trip to the Cape too!

And our other family member, The Doc, has exciting plans too! He is inducing four patients this weekend! So while Madigan and I are away, he will be stuck inside the hospital! It is a productive use of his time though, right? To make up for that, the two of us went out for dinner last night to the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons. If you are a local reader, you absolutely must go here for the Bristol Burger. I guarantee it is one of the best burgers you will ever feast on! Apres diner, we strolled around the public gardens with a Cold Stone ice cream. It was a beautiful evening.

Any good plans for you all this weekend??


cape cod mermaid said...

Are you stopping by my house on your way there???

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Have fun on your book club trip! Sounds fun!